Giving Back Warm Hugs
It's simple...we're here to change the world one child at a time. 
WHY...because our world depends on them.

Our Mission 

It's simple…we’re here to change the world one child at a time through community outreach services...why, because our world depends on them.

First off, we would like to THANK YOU for taking the time to step back from the world and look at it through the eyes of a child. In life, sometimes we take the simple, everyday needs of life for granted and we don't even think twice about it BUT that's not the case for everyone. Some children go to bed hungry, some go outside without a warm coat or shoes that properly fit their feet, and forget about having a nice outfit to wear on their first college or job interview. As for having simple school supplies to help change their future, well those types of items fall to the bottom of the list and forget about having presents under the Christmas tree.

So what makes Giving Back Warm Hugs different, well that’s pretty simple...WE’RE GOING to make a difference in the lives of children, change their world and in return they will grow up and change our world.

Giving Back Warm Hugs Nonprofit Corporation was “dreamt” up back in 2012 by 5 little kids ranging in age from 4 to 15 years. This brother and his 4 sister team had a vision and began to lay out a plan on how they were going to change the child at a time. 

The name Giving Back Warm Hugs describes a mother's love, that tight hug that she gives her child, letting them know that she will always be there to comfort and support them in life, the same kind of love, comfort and support that these kids have for other children in this world. 

What started off as a simple prayer has grown into something much bigger and now with becoming an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit, these kids are able to give back even more to the children in their local and surrounding communities and evenly throughout the world.

Through simple community outreach projects, these kids have successfully changed the lives of countless children, they've walked hundreds of miles in search of those who've needed help and having a strong desire to do so much more through this nonprofit, their prayers and the prayers of others can now be answered...this is just the beginning to their long journey!!

The Beginning...
I don't even have the words to begin to describe the emotions that were released upon this man's face the moment the kids approached him, but I will tell you, that moment is FOREVER embedded in  my heart. 

"The ones who are CRAZY enough to THINK that they can CHANGE the world are the ones that DO."